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Pharmacists are known for their expertise with medications and are the first medical professionals that many patients seek for their day-to-day concerns. The importance of understanding one’s medication and having appropriate oversight over the regimen cannot be understated. There is exists a method, known as Medication Therapy Management (MTM), with which pharmacists can ensure medication therapy safety and appropriateness via patient interview and receive reimbursement from third-party payers like insurance companies. However despite this, MTM is not a widely known service amongst eligible patients.

This study focuses on the process of MTM in UK Healthcare outpatient clinics and works to determine the main barriers between the idea and implementation of MTMs. Survey data was collected from ambulatory care pharmacists regarding their opinions on MTMs in order to determine whether or not a workflow solution would address the current lack. The responses regarding the barriers collected suggest that there is opportunity for a process-driven solution in the realm of outpatient MTM and that a newly developed workflow could facilitate the introduction of MTM into different realms of patient care such as during the transitions-of-care period. Additionally, utilizing time estimates, a time saving process has the potential to reduce the institutional cost of conducting MTMs by nearly half–possibly allowing the service to become profitable from a solely financial standpoint. The study highlights both the desire for pharmacists to provide a service they find value in as well as some of the external factors regarding MTM that will need to be addressed on a whole.



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