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Martin School of Public Policy and Administration

Executive Summary

Officers from the Lexington Division of Police have begun planning the implementation of a popular United Kingdom crime prevention program, Secured by Design, in Lexington, Kentucky. Many municipalities in the United States operate crime prevention by design programs, focusing on how the built environment affects criminal behavior. Secured by Design, a specific crime prevention by design program privately owned by the U.K.'s Association of Chief Police Officers, partners with U.K. police and urban planning departments to encourage adoption of building and design practices believed to prevent crime. Lexington would be the first U.S. city to have a Secured by Design program.

The objective of this analysis was to review existing literature on crime prevention by design programs to identify best practices and barriers to effective program implementation, adapt Secured by Design program requirements to equivalent LFUCG divisions and Fayette County-area housing developers and to interview relevant Lexington program implementers to compare initial preferences on the program structure and approach against best practices identified in existing literature. Among interviewed representatives from the Division of Police, Division of Planning, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council and the Home Builders Association of Lexington, a preferred approach to implementing Secured by Design was evident; Secured by Design will be a voluntary program led by Lexington Police. Apart from agreement on the general structure, plans for implementation did not always match practices used in other municipalities or factors identified by researchers as important for program success. Furthermore, duplicating the effect of the U.K.'s Secured by Design program in Lexington may depend largely on political and contextual factors that do not exist in the U.S.