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The present invention relates to monoclonal antibody 1A7. This is an anti-idiotype produced by immunizing with an antibody specific for ganglioside GD2, and identifying a hybridoma secreting antibody with immunogenic potential in a multi-step screening process. Also disclosed are polynucleotide and polypeptide derivatives based on 1A7, including single chain variable region molecules and fusion proteins, and various pharmaceutical compositions. When administered to an individual, the 1A7 antibody overcomes immune tolerance and induces an immune response against GD2, which comprises a combination of anti-GD2 antibody and GD2-specific T cells. The invention further provides methods for treating a disease associated with altered GD2 expression, particularly melanoma, neuroblastoma, glioma, soft tissue sarcoma, and small cell carcinoma. Patients who are in remission as a result of traditional modes of cancer therapy may be treated with a composition of this invention in hopes of reducing the risk of recurrence.


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