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Master of Science (MS)

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Master's Thesis




Medical Sciences

First Advisor

Dr. Martin K. Nielsen


Vaccines and anthelmintics induce an inflammatory response in equids. Since they are commonly given concurrently, it is practical to study any interaction between them. This study evaluated whether IVM and PYR would modulate the acute phase inflammatory response, the systemic gene expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and vaccine-specific titers induced by WNV, EHV, and KLH vaccines. Naturally-infected, yearling ponies were sorted by gender, then fecal epgs. They were randomly assigned to three treatment groups: IVM, PYR, and control. All ponies received vaccinations intramuscularly on days 0 and 29. Whole blood, serum, and plasma samples were collected 1, 3, and 14 days post-vaccination. Samples were analyzed for inflammatory markers, cytokine, mRNA expression, and vaccine-specific IgG titers by ELISA. The acute-phase inflammatory marker data showed no statistical significance; they did show an increase in SAA, haptoglobin, and fibrinogen, and a decrease in iron after vaccination. The mRNA data showed that anthelmintics had a significant effect on interleukin mRNA levels, but not on TNF-α or IFN-γ levels. The ELISA assays showed no biologically significant reduction in IgG as compared to the control group. We conclude that deworming does not affect vaccine IgG titers; therefore, ceasing vaccinating and deworming concurrently is not necessary.