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Master of Science in Medical Sciences (MSMS)

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Master's Thesis




Medical Sciences

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Dr. Gregory A. Jicha


Blood-brain barrier disruption has been identified to associate with the pathogenesis several neurological diseases such as dementia [1, 2], multiple sclerosis[3, 4], acute or chronic cerebral ischemia[5], brain trauma[5], meningitis[5], encephalitis[5], stroke[6], and seizures[7]. Being able to effectively identify blood-brain barrier disruption is limited in methodology. The current standard is using a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) albumin to serum albumin index, which requires the use of a lumbar puncture. A novel method of identifying blood-brain barrier disruption utilizing blood biomarkers is proposed in this study. Participants in this study had previously collected blood and CSF samples, which were analyzed to compare serum S100B, GFAP, triglycerides, and HDL to the clinical standard albumin index. Results show no significant association between any of these blood biomarkers and the albumin index. However, due to limitations of this study, it is proposed that this study be performed again, but with a more appropriate study population.

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