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Novel methods, compositions, and devices for achieving optimal cooling of living cells during cryopreservation are disclosed. In one aspect, the method comprises gradually cooling the cell to a first predetermined temperature, followed by rapidly cooling the cell to a second predetermined temperature. In another aspect, a device is described for achieving a desired cooling rate for a cell, comprising a first container for holding a cell, a second container for holding the first container, and optionally a frame for holding the first container in a spaced apart relationship with the second container. The method of the invention comprises placing cells into the first container, placing the first container in the second container and sealing the second container, and placing the second container in a suitable cooling device. In yet another aspect, novel cryoprotectant compositions are provided comprising conventional cryoprotectant plus one or more high molecular weight cryoprotectants.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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