Shear strength is a widely investigated parameter for reinforced concrete structures. The corrosion of reinforcement results in shear strength reduction. Corrosion has become one of the main deterioration factors in reinforced concrete beam. This paper proposes a shear strength model for beams with inclined bars based on a limit equilibrium method. The proposed model can be applied to both corroded and uncorroded reinforced concrete beams. Besides the tensile strength of longitudinal steel bars, the shear capacity provided by the concrete on the top of the diagonal crack, the tensile force of the shear steel at the diagonal crack, the degradation of the cross-sectional area and strength of the reinforcements induced by corrosion are all considered. An experimental work on two groups accelerated corroded beams was performed. Good agreements were found between the proposed theoretical predictions and experimental observations.

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Published in Materials, v. 12, issue 7, 1014, p. 1-14.

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The study reported here was financially supported from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51778068 and 51508036), the State Key Development Program for Basic Research of China (2015CB057705), Natural Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars of Hunan Province (2019JJ30024), Training Program for Excellent Young Innovators of Changsha (kq1802012), and Key Disciplinary of Civil Engineering of Changsha University of Science and Technology (18ZDXK08).