Date Available


Year of Publication


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

Document Type

Master's Thesis




Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. David W. Herrin

Second Advisor

Dr. Tingwen Wu


The prediction of sound generated from fluid flow has always been a difficult subject due to the nonlinearities in the governing equations. However, flow noise can now be simulated with the help of modern computation techniques and super computers. The research presented in this thesis uses the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and the acoustic finite element method (FEM) in order to simulate the whistle noise caused by vortex shedding. The acoustic results were compared to both analytical solutions and experimental results to better understand the effects of turbulence models, fluid compressibility, and wall boundary meshes on the acoustic frequency response. In the case of the whistle, sound power and pressure levels are scaled since 2-D models are used to model 3-D phenomenon. The methodology for scaling the results is detailed.