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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

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Master's Thesis




Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Fazleena Badurdeen


Sustainable Value Stream Mapping (Sus-VSM) builds upon traditional VSM to capture additional sustainability aspects of the product flow, such as environmental and societal aspects. This work presents research to expand the utility of Sus-VSM to supply chain networks, develop a general approach towards improving supply chain sustainability, and examine the benefits of implementing simulation and a design of experiments (DOE) style analysis. Metrics are identified to assess economic, environmental, and societal sustainability for supply chain networks and visual symbols are developed for the Supply Chain Sus-VSM (SC Sus-VSM) to allow users to easily identify locations where sustainability can be improved. A discrete event simulation (DES) model is developed to simulate the supply chain, allowing easier creation of future state maps, which are used to identify locations for sustainability improvement. A scoring methodology and DOE-style analysis are developed to collect more information from the supply chain. Results from the case study show that the SC Sus-VSM meets the goals desired, and that the DES model aids the goals of the map. It is also indicated that interventions in the supply chain should first focus on economic improvements, followed by societal and then environmental improvements to achieve the greatest supply chain sustainability.

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Manufacturing Commons