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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

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Master's Thesis




Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Hasan Poonawala


This thesis presents a new parallelized real-time path planning process. This process is an extension of the Real-Time Rapidly Exploring Random Trees* (RT-RRT*) algorithm developed by Naderi et al in 2015 [1]. The RT-RRT* algorithm was demonstrated on a simulated two-dimensional dynamic environment while finding paths to a varying target state. We demonstrate that the original algorithm is incapable of running at a sufficient rate for control of a 7-degree-of-freedom (7-DoF) robotic arm while maintaining a path planning tree in 7 dimensions. This limitation is due to the complexity of maintaining a tree in a high-dimensional space and the network frequency requirements of the control signal for a real robotic system.

We develop and implement a parallelized version of RT-RRT*, dubbed Parallel RT-RRT* (PRT-RRT*), that can update motion plans in a dynamic environment while sending control signals at a high frequency. To achieve this, PRT-RRT* establishes a method of efficient communication between separate collision detection, path planning, and control nodes. We show that PRT-RRT* is capable of solving the dynamic path-planning problem on the 7D Franka Emika Panda robotic arm.

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This study was supported by the University of Kentucky Department of Mechanical Engineering