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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)

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Master's Thesis




Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Wei Li


Stochastic production scheduling faces three challenges, first the inconsistencies among key performance indicators (KPIs), second the trade-offs between the expected return and the risk for a portfolio of KPIs, and third the uncertainty in processing times. Based on two inconsistent KPIs of total completion time (TCT) and variance of completion times (VCT), we propose our trade-off balancing (ToB) heuristic for one-stage production scheduling. Through comprehensive case studies, we show that our ToB heuristic with preference =0.0:0.1:1.0 efficiently and effectively addresses the three challenges. Moreover, our trade-off balancing scheme can be generalized to balance a number of inconsistent KPIs more than two. Daniels and Kouvelis (DK) proposed a scheme to optimize the worst-case scenario for stochastic production scheduling and proposed the endpoint product (EP) and endpoint sum (ES) heuristics to hedge against processing time uncertainty. Using 5 levels of coefficients of variation (CVs) to represent processing time uncertainty, we show that our ToB heuristic is robust as well, and even outperforms the EP and ES heuristics on worst-case scenarios at high levels of processing time uncertainty. Moreover, our ToB heuristic generates undominated solution spaces of KPIs, which not only provides a solid base to set up specification limits for statistical process control (SPC) but also facilitates the application of modern portfolio theory and SPC techniques in the industry.

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