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Master of Arts (MA)

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Master's Thesis


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Modern and Classical Languages, Literature and Cultures

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Dr. Nisrine Slitine El Mghari


It is evident that in the realm of gender studies concerning the Maghreb, many scholars have studied literary texts from prominent female Maghrebi writers such as Assia Djebar and Fatima Mernissi. However, certain forms of expression have been neglected, such as film. The purpose of this work is to analyze and evaluate how cinema has portrayed the situation of women in the postcolonial Maghreb. I will be examining two examples of Maghrebi cinema which include the Tunisian film Les silences du palais by Moufida Tlatli and the Algerian film Viva Laldjérie by Nadir Moknèche. Through the examination of these two films it is clear that both address larger issues experienced by Maghrebi women such as objectification, classism, and gender violence, while also portraying issues specific to each country such as imperial structures that suppress women in Tunisia, and rising extremism in Algeria.

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