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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Chi-Sing Man


In this dissertation, we will study solvent-vapor induced spherulitic growth in multicomponent thin films modeled as prestressed elastic solids. The interface between the crystalline phase and the amorphous phase will be treated as an evolving thermodynamic system and no diffusion of any component will be considered.

The dissertation is divided into three parts. In Part I we will determine necessary conditions of thermodynamic equilibrium between the two solid phases, the inter- face, and the vapor. In Part II we will derive the thermodynamic driving force for spherulitic growth in multicomponent elastic thin films. In Part III we will investigate the effect of prestress on the directional dependence of the growth. There a formula that delineates how the prestress affects the shape of the spherulite will be proposed.

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