Year of Publication


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Document Type

Doctoral Dissertation


Arts and Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. Zhongwei Shen


In this dissertation, we first provide a short introduction to qualitative homogenization of elliptic equations and systems. We collect relevant and known results regarding elliptic equations and systems with rapidly oscillating, periodic coefficients, which is the classical setting in homogenization of elliptic equations and systems. We extend several classical results to the so called case of perforated domains and consider materials reinforced with soft inclusions. We establish quantitative H1-convergence rates in both settings, and as a result deduce large-scale Lipschitz estimates and Liouville-type estimates for solutions to elliptic systems with rapidly oscillating periodic bounded and measurable coefficients. Finally, we connect these large-scale estimates with local regulartity results at the microscopic-level to achieve interior Lipschitz regularity at every scale.

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