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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Arts and Sciences



First Advisor

Dr. Edgar Enochs


This dissertation examines subfunctors of Ext relative to covering (enveloping) classes and the theory of covering (enveloping) ideals. The notion of covers and envelopes by modules was introduced independently by Auslander-Smalø and Enochs and has proven to be beneficial for module theory as well as for representation theory. The first few chapters examine the subfunctors of Ext and their properties. It is showed how the class of precoverings give us subfunctors of Ext. Furthermore, the characterization of these subfunctors and some examples are given. In the latter chapters ideals, the subfunctors of Hom, are investigated. The definition of cover and envelope carry over to the ideals naturally. Classical conditions for existence theorems for covers led to similar approaches in the ideal case. Even though some theorems such as Salce’s Lemma were proven to extend to ideals, most of the theorems do not directly apply to the new case. It is showed how Eklof & Trlifaj’s result can partially be extended to the ideals generated by a set. In that case, one also obtains a significant result about the orthogonal complement of the ideal. We relate the existence theorems for covering ideals of morphisms by identifying the morphisms with objects in A2 (which is the category of all representations of 2-quiver by R-modules) and obtain a sufficient condition for the existence of covering ideals in a more general setting. We finish with applying this result to the class of phantom morphisms.

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Algebra Commons