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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


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Dr. Uwe Nagel


Computational commutative algebra has become an increasingly popular area of research. Central to the theory is the notion of a Gröbner basis, which may be thought of as a nonlinear generalization of Gaussian elimination. In 2019, Nagel and Römer introduced FI- and OI-modules over FI- and OI-algebras, which provide a framework for studying sequences of related modules defined over sequences of related polynomial rings. In particular, they laid the foundations of a theory of Gröbner bases for certain classes of OI-modules. In this dissertation we develop an OI-analog of Buchberger's algorithm in order to compute such Gröbner bases, as well as an OI-analog of Schreyer's theorem to compute their modules of syzygies. We also give an application of our results to the computation of free OI-resolutions, and showcase our Macaulay2 package "OIGroebnerBases.m2'' which implements these constructions. Lastly, we show how our results can be tweaked to compute free FI-resolutions.

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