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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Doctoral Dissertation


Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Benjamin Braun


Polytopes are geometric objects that generalize polygons in the plane and polyhedra in 3-dimensional space. Of particular interest in geometric combinatorics are families of lattice polytopes defined from combinatorial objects, such as graphs. In particular, this dissertation studies symmetric edge polytopes (SEPs), defined from simple undirected graphs. In 2019, Higashitani, Jochemko, and Michalek gave a combinatorial description of the hyperplanes that support facets of a symmetric edge polytope in terms of certain labelings of the underlying graph.
Using this framework, we explore the number of facets that can be attained by the symmetric edge polytopes for graphs with certain structure. First, we establish
formulas or bounds for the number of facets attained by families of sparse, connected graphs, and give conjectures concerning the maximum and minimum facet counts for more general families. We also consider the number of facets of SEPs arising from graphs generated by several random graph models and investigate a conjectured connection between facet counts for SEPs and clustering metrics on their underlying graphs.

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