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The UKY Slang Collection Project is an ongoing effort (Fall 2021-present) to document the use of slang (group-specific language of informal register) primarily among college students at the University of Kentucky. The project is administered by Dr. Zada Komara (Lewis Honors College) as part of HON 140 Knowledge and Society, a foundational seminar about epistemology and ontology. This original research is performed by Lewis Honors College students. The project aims to document slang, both ephemeral and persistent, as a means of investigating students’ lived experiences of college, language evolution, and social identities among UKY student communities. Slang in the database is documented from both oral and written communications primarily on the University of Kentucky campus.

Slang terms in the database are presented as submitted without edits. Slang terms include commands, confirmations, derogatory statements, endearments, intensifiers, and praise. Notable themes include recreation, academics, food, sex, sports, work, gender, sexuality, race, money, and drinking and drugs. Content warning: slang terms include violent or vulgar terms for sex, curse words, and derogatory or violent terms for particular groups of people, particularly racist and homophobic slurs.

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You may come across language in UKnowledge that you find harmful or offensive. The repository collects and shares data from different cultures and time periods for the purpose of study, documenting the historical record. These materials may demonstrate racist and offensive views that are not consistent with the values of UK Libraries. This collection may contain such material.