This article performs an analysis of one mode of visual legal communication:

diagrammatics and the visualization of legal data and other information

in legal instruments and communications.

The Proactive Law movement and the Legal Design movement each

seek to transform legal instruments and documents to improve access to and

comprehension of the communication of law to all persons. “All persons”

includes both law-trained and non-law-trained persons and extends from the

literate and educated all the way to disadvantaged, illiterate, and less-thanfully

literate persons. The overall goal of the Proactive Law movement and a

primary goal of Legal Design is to improve the understanding of legal

rights, relationships, and obligations expressed in legal products, instruments,

services, processes, and systems through illustration, simplification,

engagement, and inclusiveness in the text and visual components of these

instruments and communications.

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Michael D. Murray, Diagrammatics and the Proactive Visualization of Legal Information, 43 UALR L. Rev. 1 (2021).

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