Alexander Bove has recently written a thoughtful, comprehensive and practical book entitled Trust Protectors: A Practice Manual with Forms. The book describes the powers and rights of a trust protector, as well as the fiduciary duties and potential liabilities associated with this office. In addition, the author examines the relationship between the trust protector and the trustee. He also discusses the role of the courts in this area and identifies a number of practical issues that should be considered by lawyers when they draft trust instruments that contemplate the appointment of a trust protector. Finally, the author provides extensive group of forms, both in printed form and on a CD disc, to assist drafters.

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Book Review

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Richard C. Ausness, Book Review, 29 Quinnipiac Pro. L.J. 112 (2016) (reviewing Alexander A. Bove, Jr., Trust Protectors: A Practice Manual with Forms (2014)).