On July 11, 2014, KYTC held a letting for the hydro demolition of two bridge decks on I-64 in Franklin County - main-line twin bridges over Cardwell Lane MP 51.516 (Contract ID 143915; Fed/State Project No. IM 0643(052)). The special notes for the project are provided in Appendix A. The tabulation of bids is provided in Appendix B. Five bids were received ranging from $787,836.00 to $1,082,639.46. The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder, Halls Contracting. Each bridge is 30 ft. wide and 159 ft. long, with for a total area of 4,770 ft. The type 104 bridges have a 14° skew and consist of three 59-ft. spans. The engineer’s estimate for the total amount of latex modified concrete (LMC) overlay material needed on both bridges was 58.8 yd. Each of the bridges has two 13 ft.-wide lanes and two 2 ft. curbs. Recent bridge traffic data showed the bridges have ADT and ADTT values of 25,569 and 11,487, respectively. These values applied to each structure. The overlay depths were to be nominally 2 in. At the bridge ends the overlay depth was to be increased to 3 in. to accommodate new bridge seals. The overlays were to be placed on individual lanes during four overnight single-lane closures. For each lane, the removal of the existing concrete overlay and placement of a new overlay was to be completed in one night with the lane re-opening in the morning.

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