KY 80 (Hazard to Watergap) was constructed using abundantly available crushed sandstone. The pavements were designed to have adequate load-carrying capibilities and stability but were considered to be experimental (see Figure 1). It was intended that performance would be monitored and that undesirable features and performance would be identified and studied. Such surveillance was discontinued before construction was completed.

Recently, the need has arisen for testing and evaluation of some of the experimental sections. Some spalls, scuffs, and artesian water have been observed. Excessive water has appeared in the shoulder, median, and mainline. There has been at least one spot failure.

The Kentucky Transportation Research Program was asked to submit a work plan to evaluate the performance of some experimental features. A plan was approved, and the investigations began on October 1, 1982. At this time, the investigative work includes the section of KY 80 from Milepost 9 to Milepost l8. Some data were already available for sections near the Floyd-Knott County line. Those data were obtained in l981 while conducting a study of in-place strength characteristics of sandstone rock subgrades. The investigation reported herein involved the following: condition survey and photologging; Road Rater testing and survey; coring, drilling, and sampling of pavement materials; and testing of cores and samples recovered from the pavement.

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