This report is an evaluation of increased police enforcement to reduce alcohol related accidents in Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky. Three types of information were collected for the analysis; accident data, arrest and adjudication data, and personal opinion data obtained by means of a questionnaire survey. Accident data were collected for two years before the Traffic Alcohol Program (TAP) and one year during the program. A 25 percent sample of arrest and adjudication data was collected one year before and one year during TAP. The questionnaire was sent to 2,500 registered vehicle owners.

Results from before-and-after comparisons and time-series analysis show alchol related accidents decreased significantly as a result of TAP. The number of DUI arrests increased from 929 in the year before to 4,427 during the first year of TAP. The program was found to be cost effective with a benefit-cost ratio over two. More than half of the respondents indicated that TAP increased their danger of DUI arrest.

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