In January I972, an in-depth investigation of an unstable embankment, Figure 1, on US 119 near Station 1262+00 was initiated. The site is approximately five miles southwest of Harlan and near Wilhoit. Figures 2 and 3 show a plan view and a typical cross-section, respectively. US 119 travels on a tangent from Station 1252+16 to 1255+54 in a northerly direction. From that point, the roadway gradually curves four degrees to the east, becoming tangent again near Station 1275+00. At about Station 1258+00, the roadway emerges from a cut, and near Station 1266+00 it reenters a small cut. Between the latter two stations the embankment is sidehill, resting partly on a bench of cut shale and partly on an alluvium and colluvium river bank. Maximum height of the unstable embankment is about 25 feet. The unstable portion of the embankment, Figure 2, is between Stations 1260+00 and 1265+00 (approximately). The roadway embankment is bounded on the north by a cliff varying from 50 to 100 feet in height and on the south by the Cumberland River.

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