Kentucky's first portland cement concrete shoulder project was conceived in 1970 and was inspired by the Portland Cement Association's issue Concrete Shoulders for Safe Modern Highways, Concrete Report, 1970, and FHWA's Informational Memorandum CMPB-17-70, Experimental Project for the Evaluation of Portland Cement Concrete Shoulders Adjacent to Concrete Mainline Pavement; Project Prospectus, National Experimental and Evaluation Program; May 12, 1970. It was expected that at least two states in each region would participate in the national program. A 3.442-mile section of US 31 W, between Radcliff and Tiptop, beginning at the intersection of US 60 and extending southward, scheduled for reconstruction, was chosen for implementation. The site is shown, in Figure 1. Bids were taken February 15, 1973, and project is now nearing completion. Construction cost will be nearly 6 million dollars.

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