Before-and-after impact studies were selected as the means of determining the effect of reconstructing a 4.813-mile (7.744-kilometer) section of KY 55 between Campbellsville and Lebanon. The area, though still depressed in terms of per capita income and employment, has many resources available for growth. The study area is predominantly an agriculturally-oriented economy. However, manufacturing employment has increased in recent years, mainly because of industrial sites made available by local industrial commissions.

Overall, social services appear to be adequate and very near statewide averages. Recreational facilities are not highly developed and are primarily of the summer outdoor type.

Reconstruction of KY 55 could bring about economic growth which may affect the standard of living within the target area. Increased accessibility and attractiveness of the area could increase the rural-to-urban population ratio which has been adversely unbalanced by the migration from rural to urban areas.

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