Fifty-six dense-graded aggregate samples of crushed limestone were received from the Division of Materials. Triaxial tests and permeability tests were to be performed.

The samples were obtained from seven sources with four gradations (fine, medium, coarse, and gap) from each source and two samples of each gradation. One of the samples of each gradation was to be compacted by standard compactive effort (AASHTO T-99) and the other at modified compactive effort (AASHTO T-180). The seven sources and their identification codes are as follows:

  1. Martin - Marietta (59)
  2. Hopkinsville Stone (150)
  3. Nally - Hayden (112)
  4. Harrod - Carter (51)
  5. Reed Crushed Stone (3)
  6. Madusa Aggregate - Butler (64)
  7. Madusa Aggregate - Bardstown (41)

In addition to the original 56 samples, six blended samples were later received. Four were identical blends of gravel and crushed limestone from Maysville Dredging (33) and Dravo Limestone (162). The remaining two samples were limestone blends from Lexington Quarry (73) and Dravo Limestone (162).

No information was received concerning the percent of the various size fractions in the different gradations. The optimum moisture content for each gradation was supplied by the Division of Materials.

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