The Benkelman beam is commonly used to measure surace deflections of highway and airfield pavements. The Benkelman beam is based on a simple lever-arm principal and uses dial guages to measure surface deflections under an applied axleload. The Road Rater is an electro-hydraulic testing device that applies a sinusoidal force to the pavement at a fixed amplitude and frequency: surface wave velocities are measured and electronically integrated to obtain surface deflections. Road Rater and Benkelman beam deflections have been successfully simulated using elastic theory and the Chevron N-layer computer program. The analyses presented in this paper illustrate relationships between Road Rater deflections and the more commonly used Benkelman beam deflections.

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Prepared for the International Symposium on Bearing Capacity of Roads and Airfields (Trondheim, Norway: June 23-25, 1982).