Construction of the Nicholasville Bypass (US 27) was completed in 1986. At the north end of the bypass is a raised, paved traffic median (Figures 1 and 2). The median was constructed with a lip curb and gutter. The roadway at that location is in a superelevated section. A raised, paved traffic median also is located at the southern end of the bypass, Figures 3 through 5 are photographs of that median. The median is located on a tangent section therefore, the roadway has a normal crown. The section of roadway at the southern end is located on a slight grade. The south median also is constructed with a lip and curb gutter.

Soon after construction, water began to emerge from near the gutter line· of both medians. The Kentucky Transportation Research Program was requested to investigate the cause of the water problem and make recommendations for remedial solutions.

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