Local governments need suitable inventories and condition surveys to accurately determine and prioritize their funding needs. An efficient method of performing an inventory of the roads and subsequently determining the condition of major system components is to use an automated data-acquisition system to measure and record essential data. The data may be collected and processed by a central inventory management group. The inventory should include pavement characteristics, roadway geometries, and roadside features. Pavement condition may include structural integrity, road roughness, and skid resistance. Roadway geometries include horizontal curvature, length, width, superelevation, and grade. Roadside features include signing, intersections, guardrails, and obstacles.

This paper presents a concept for a second-generation vehicle-mounted photologging system that may, in a single-pass, photolog the roadway and automatically record measurements necessary for inventoring and rating. Also, major functions of a central inventory management group are described.

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