A vanpool demonstration project was operated at the University of Kentucky for the period May 2, 1983, through March 31, 1984. One van originated in Berea (roundtrip 90 miles) and another in Richmond (roundtrip 60 miles). Many problems associated with a vanpool operation were minimized because the riders were University employees and van ownership remained with the University.

It was found that personal contact with potential vanpool riders was much more effective then letters and questionnaires in the effort to generate initial ridership. Because vanpools had not previously been operated extensively in this area, it was difficult to convince potential riders of their cost-effectiveness. For this reason, the fare was set at a low rate initially and increased later in an attempt to recover full costs.

As an indirect result of the success of the University vanpool program, the Transit Authority of Lexington - Fayette Urban County Government began operating two additional van pools for University employees. Because the Transit Authority has capabilities to operate a vanpool program, a decision was made to transfer the University's program to that agency at the end of the demonstration project.

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