The subject project was constructed in the fall of 1988. Soon after construction, the pavement began to deteriorate. Areas of alligator cracking were observed along with extensive rutting and pushing of the asphaltic concrete. Distresses occurred soon after the roadway was completed. Personnel of the Jefferson Co. Public Works Department requested that Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) personnel make a preliminary inspection.

Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) personnel conducted preliminary tests at the site on July 11, 1989. Results of tests were outlined in a letter to Schimpeler-Corradino Associates, on July 19, 1989. After review, of those results, Schimpeler-Corradino principals requested that additional testing be performed.

KTC personnel were provided with a testing plan which outlined specific testing locations. After review, the testing locations were accepted with the addition of one test location. Testing and sampling were conducted from July 22 through July 24, 1989.

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