This report is an evaluation of increased police enforcement to reduce alcohol-related accidents at selected locations in Kentucky. Evaluations were performed for the following programs: 1) Lexington-Fayette County, including only Urban Police enforcement; 2) McCracken County, including Kentucky State Police, Sheriff's Office and Paducah Police enforcement; and 3) Warren County, including both Kentucky State Police and Bowling Green Police enforcement. Duration of enforcement and level of enforcement varied among the programs.

Four types of data were collected as a means of evaluating Traffic Alcohol Programs at the locations selected for study; accident data, arrest and adjudication data, cost-effectiveness data, and personal opinion data.

Results from before-and-after comparisons and time-series analysis show alcohol- related accidents decreased significantly in Lexington-Fayette, McCracken, arid Warren Counties. There were dramatic increases in DUI arrests in the three areas where arrest data were collected. DUI conviction rates varied from 90 percent in Lexington-Fayette County to 77 percent in McCracken County and 55 percent in Warren County. Approximately 90 percent of the respondents to the survey questionnaire were in favor of Traffic Alcohol Programs as a means of reducing alcohol-related accidents. Benefit-cost ratios were calculated and were found to be greater than 1.0 for all areas analyzed.

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