The primary objective of this study was to conduct a comparative analysis on various modified asphalt mixture systems in order to determine their suitability for conditions that are commonly encountered in Kentucky.

Several modified asphalt mixture systems were selected for laboratory and field testing (one-mile long field test section on KY 80, Pulaski County). These systems included the following asphalt mixtures: Control, Vestoplast, Polypropylene Fiber, Gilsonite, PMAC #1, Polyester Fiber, and PMAC #2. Laboratory testing included: Marshall stability and flow, mixture air voids and density, indirect tensile strength, moisture damage susceptibility, freeze-thaw damage susceptibility, resilient modulus, and repeated load permanent deformation. Statistically based comparative analyses were conducted in order to determine any significant relative differences in the performance potential of different modified systems. All statistical analyses were conducted at 90% level of significance (i.e., alpha error rate = 10%).

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