The great technological advances that were made over the last decade in monitoring traffic and the increased emphasis on highway safety for truck traffic have prompted a need to determine more effective ways to monitor and inspect truck traffic. Commercial Vehicle Monitoring (CVM) facilities provide the highway community with the means of supervising truck traffic. However, in an era with limited funds and space for roadway expansion. some consideration must be given to the types of facilities needed and the most efficient way to spend the available funds. Hence, a research study was initiated to determine the successful practices for designing a new CVM facility or retrofitting or upgrading an existing facility; the findings are presented here. A questionnaire was distributed to all 50 states to identify the state of the nation with respect to the newly constructed and lately upgraded CVM facilities. This report focuses on the presentation of issues that need to be considered and addressed when designing or upgrading a CVM facility and provides a checklist of critical factors, considerations for facility components, and typical facility layouts.

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