This report documents the installation and performance of corrugated smooth lined polyethylene pipe installed during construction of KY 17 in Kenton County. The majority of the pipe installed was N-12 pipe manufactured by Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc., and is designated as ADS N-12. ADS N-12 is a corrugated high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. The pipe has a corrugated exterior for increased strength and a smooth interior to provide maximum flow capacity.

Sags in grade, misalignment, poor coupling, and vertical deformation were observed during visual inspections and do not appear to be a material related problem but are largely due to poor construction techniques.

The pipes appear to be functioning satisfactorily even with sagging, misalignments, and vertical deformation. Pipes that have vertical deformation over 10 percent should be monitored for any additional movement.

This report makes recommendation on the usage of polyethylene pipe in Kentucky.

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