Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and weigh-in-motion (WIM) equipment were installed at the northbound weigh/enforcement station on 1-65 in Simpson County, Kentucky. The objectives were to determine the reliability and accuracy of the equipment and to determine the benefits/costs for the trucking industry and enforcement agencies.

The test site for evaluation of the equipment became operational in July 1991 and the evaluation continued through June 1993. AVI equipment was provided by Amtech Corporation and WIM equipment by International Road Dynamics. Participating motor carriers were United Parcel Service and Averitt Express, with a total of 114 trucks equipped with transponders. The system operated the first year with the AVI and WIM systems serving only the function of verifying the passage of an equipped truck. During the second phase, the AVI/WIM system was moved to a position in advance of the station where equipped trucks could be identified and given a preclearance signal. Overall, it was determined that the electronic equipment could be used to collect data more accurately than through a manual process. However, it was also found that AVI and WlM equipment were not without problems, particularly when interfacing the two types of equipment.

Benefits gained were Increased levels of understanding of the reliability of AVI and WIM equipment Improved relationships between motor carriers and enforcement personnel were seen as a benefit. A preliminary evaluation of systemwide application of AVI does not indicate it would be cost-effective unless greater benefits were gained by motor carriers.

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