This study was initiated to verify a newly-developed set of design curves for full-depth asphaltic concrete pavements. Quality control during construction was checked using nuclear density testers, Benkelman beams, and a Road Rater. During the course of this study, an analysis system (predicated upon the elastic theory model) was developed to interpret the dynamic deflections as measured by the Road Rater. The thickness design curves were verified by elastic theory and deflection testing within the accuracy of construction variations.

Measured rut depths were analyzed in terms of potential rut depth resulting from consolidation under traffic due to lack of obtaining 100-percent of Marshall density during compaction.

Traffic was monitored using automatic traffic counters, manual classification/volume counts, and weigh-in-motion scales installed in the pavement.

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Prepared for presentation to Sixth International Conference on Structural Design of Asphalt Pavements (Ann Arbor, Michigan:July 13-16, 1987).