One objective of this study was to update the statistics related to alcohol-related accidents and arrests In Fayette County. The second objective was to include an analysis of speed-related accidents and citations.

The number of alcohol-related accidents in Fayette County has decreased over the past several years. The number of speed-related accidents has remained relatively constant Differences between the characteristics of all accidents and alcohol and speed-related accidents were noted. For example, there were higher percentages of alcohol and speed-related accidents involving a fixed object. Differences in driver characteristics, such as the high percentage of drivers in the 16 to 19 years of age category involved in speed-related accidents, were noted.

Alcohol and speeding arrest and citation data were analyzed. The number of DUI arrests, as well as the number of speeding citations, has increased in recent years. Comparisons were made between the arrest and citation data and the accident data. For example, differences by time of day were documented. The area of the county in which alcohol and speed-related accidents occurred as well as where DUI arrests occurred were summarized.

Characteristics of drivers with DUI arrests and speeding citations were summarized. Additional analyses were performed for drivers with more than one DUI arrest. This data show the type of driver prone to recidivism.

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