A 457-m (1,500-ft) runway pavement extension is planned for the Georgetown-Scott County Airport (Marshall Field). The clay subgrade of the existing paved runway was stabilized with six percent (dry weight) hydrated lime. A request was made by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Division of Aeronautics, to determine the feasibility of replacing a percentage of the hydrated lime stabilizer with fly ash for the extended runway subgrade. Kentucky Highway Investigative Task No. 27 was issued by the Transportation Cabinet to fund a laboratory study to determine the effects of partially replacing lime with Type F fly ash (FA). Using fly ash to replace lime could potentially, reduce stabilization cost and provide a means of using fly ash as a byproduct in lieu of landfill disposal. The subgrade extension was previously constructed to final grade with clay soils. A thin layer of topsoil and grass currently covers the subgrade. Stabilization of the extended runway is planned during pavement construction.

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