Considerable interest has been generated in recent years in using big stone gradations to reduce rutting and shoving in asphaltic concrete. This report documents mix design procedures and a laboratory testing program to determine the stability and rutting potential of a big-stone gradation. A series of creep tests was performed on a big-stone gradation and the results were compared to creep tests performed on a Class I base mixture. The big-stone mix average approximately 50 percent rutting potential as compared to the Class I base. One creep specimen of the big-stone mixture was compacted using polymer-modified AC-20 grade asphalt cement. This specimen performed with less strain than the big-stone specimens compacted with an unmodified AC-20 asphalt cement (at loading times greater than 4000 seconds. One specimen was compacted using an AC-40 asphalt cement. This specimen failed at a short loading time (approximately 1000 seconds), indicating a brittle mixture.

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