On May 10, 1994, the Kentucky Transportation Center conducted a routine edge drain and outlet inspection on the Pennyrile Parkway in the vicinity of Milepost 23. The edge drains had been in service since 1992. Two edge drain outlets were inspected with a "Cues" pipeline inspection camera. One of the outlets was 85 percent blocked by rock and debris. District 2, operations personnel concerned with the findings requested that the Kentucky Transportation Center evaluate all 364 outlets on the project plus an additional 49 edge drain outlets that were being installed on the Western Kentucky Parkway.

This report documents the video inspection of edge drain outlet pipes on the Pennyrile Parkway and Western Kentucky Parkway. Included on the Western Kentucky Parkway was the evaluation of the 4-inch round pipe edge drains. The inspection was conducted in May and June of 1994. Of the 413 outlets investigated, 74 outlets were severely damaged and 34 were moderately damaged. Included with this report is an eight-minute video tape summarizing several of the problems encountered during the inspection. (The video tape summarizes the performance of 405 outlets, 8 additional outlets have been inspected since the production of the video).

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