This report provides the barge equivalent static load distribution data needed to apply method II of vessel impact design for the Maysville, Kentucky bridge over the Ohio River. The information provided in this report is in accordance with the AASHTO Guide Specification and Commentary for Vessel Collision Design of Highway Bridges.

A computer program was written to process the database and calculate the probability based length, width., and capacity for each barge category. Additionally, a second computer program was written to calculate the probability based number of barges in a flotilla column and row, and subsequently categorize that flotilla based upon the barge length and width categories designated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The equivalent static impact loads were then calculated using the probability based flotilla sizes and tonnages.

The results indicated 12 barge categories occurring along the Maysville section of the Ohio River. The associated frequencies and impact loads are reported. The equivalent static load for the usually neglected 290 x 54 foot barge was calculated to be a maximum of 8,140 kips with a significant frequency of occurrence of 205 downbound passages per year.

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