This report summarizes the results of a phone survey which evaluated the user satisfaction of the telephone traveler information service, ARTIMIS, in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. Information was also gathered on the users preference for a 3 versus 7 digit access number, use patterns, and user characteristics. The sample was obtained by intercepting calls to the service during Winter 1999. Users rated the service high. Common suggestions for improvements included longer hours of operation and coverage of more roads suggesting the service is valuable to its users. The travelers perceived that they benefited most by avoiding traffic problems, saving time, and reducing frustration. Of the 65% that would be willing to pay for the service, $0.25 was the average maximum payment they would be willing to make. The respondents had been using the service for an average of 13 months and made on average 4.3 calls per week. The 3 digit number, 211, was the most commonly used and recognized access number. Approximately 80 percent of individuals felt they would personally benefit from a nation-wide 3-digit number for travel information. Landline 211 calls result in an extra cost to operators of the system. Although these callers make less frequent calls, they are also more likely to make route or trip changes resulting in a public overall system benefit

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