This report documents findings of the investigation of pipe edge drains and outlets on the Pennyrile Parkway from Milepost 60.476 to Milepost 65.305 in Webster County. The study was initiated due to concerns from District 2 personnel that possible failures in the edge drains were causing pavement distress along the right wheel path. Findings from this study indicated that approximately 40 percent of the 123 edge drain outlets were less than 50 to 60 percent open. The round perforated pipe edge drain appeared to be in excellent condition, including the integrity of the pipe and the filter material. The sand backfill appeared to be clean and free of fines. The pipe did appear to be installed too high in the trench. It was apparent that the sand and subgrade under the pipe was not draining and was staying saturated. Crushed perforated cross drains, water standing in ditch lines, and improper placement of outlet T's appear to be causing additional distress to the pavement system.

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