The objectives of this research were to first evaluate the existing practices regarding driver license renewal, driver retesting, and medical review board procedures and then identify and recommend methods that would improve these processes. The analysis of the Medical Review Board process indicated that, while it operates at an acceptable level in major urban areas, it is almost non-existent in most areas of the state. A brochure describing the process was developed for distribution to physicians. There is a universal agreement among researchers that vision has a significant role in driving performance and that visual abilities deteriorate with age. It is apparent that some type of vision screening should be implemented during the renewal process since it could identify individuals with potential deficiencies. Such screening could be achieved either with a test during the license renewal or with an eye exam prior to license renewal. In addition to the testing, a policy that identifies potential at-risk drivers should be considered. The combination of convictions (points) and crashes was considered as an appropriate means to distinguish such drivers. Special consideration should be given for older drivers at driver license renewal. In addition to the vision screening, a written test could be administered at license renewal along with a set of medical questions to determine their physical and mental status.

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