This report summarizes the evaluation of truck route access between the National Highway System and 46 truck generating sites, including intermodal sites, throughout Kentucky (includes 81 routes and 800 miles of highway). Routes were evaluated quantitatively for nine highway features, assigned an overall route rating and recommendations for routine maintenance and re-construction were made. The level and quality of truck access to the NHS varies dramatically throughout the state. Some facilities are between 25 and 50 miles from the NHS. No significant difference in route ratings or other measures was found by geographic location. The different typography throughout the state contributed to differences in grade and curvature quality. Very few non-NHS truck routes have 12-foot lanes along their whole length. The intermodal facility routes in general were found to be of better quality than routes leading to truck only sites. Trucks are not always using the routes they should. Ten of the routes were considered the "best" and required no improvements at this time. Improvements on other routes varied from routine maintenance to the need for complete reconstruction. Routes were prioritized by length and amount of truck traffic to recommend the most critical routes for improvement.

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