Approximately 93 percent of all pavements in the United States are surfaced with hot-mix asphalt (HMA). For many decades, most asphalt pavements were designed using the Marshall mix design method. In 1987, the Strategic Highway Research Program was established with 50 million dollars being allocated for asphalt pavement research. From that research, a new asphalt mix design procedure, called Superpave, was developed. Many states have adopted, or are in the process of adopting, this procedure, including Kentucky. In 1995, Kentucky placed its first Superpave mixture on KY 676 in Franklin County. In 1998, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet requested that the Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) evaluate the Superpave projects in Kentucky. The objectives of this study were as to develop a database of performance characteristics to assist in the development of prediction models for Superpave, to evaluate construction practices involving Superpave projects, and to attempt to perform a life-cycle cost analysis for Superpave projects.

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