The report details the pre-construction monitoring, planning and design, and construction of the retrofit measures on the US150 bridge over Beech Fork River in Nelson County, KY and Cartwright Creek bridge on the border of Washington-Nelson County, KY. All reinforced concrete girders of the five-span Beech Fork River bridge and three-span Cartwright Creek bridge of deck-girder construction had developed diagonal cracks near or at the transition of the variable-and-constant depth regions.

To remedy the problem steel fiber reinforced polymer (SFRP) sheets were selected as the means of retrofit due to their strength and stiffness, as well as conformability and flexibility. Repair to the reinforced concrete girders was done by attaching the SFRP sheets to the vertical and bottom faces. Application of SFRP was quickly executed with the use of specialty epoxy designed for use with the steel wire sheets. Construction of the retrofit was completed in May of 2007.

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