In 2010, Kentucky implemented a Performance Registration Information Systems and Management (PRISM) based automated ramp screening system (PARSS) at the Boone County inspection station on southbound I-71. The purpose of the PARSS is to identify and screen every vehicle that enters the Boone County inspection station. The system provides automated screening of trucks based on the license plate number and the USDOT number displayed on the vehicle. If it is determined that the vehicle should be stopped for inspection, that decision is communicated to the truck driver via the existing directional arrows that direct drivers to the static scale for inspection.

A thorough evaluation was conducted to assess the performance of the system (i.e., does it do what it was intended to do?), the value of the system in identifying vehicles for inspection with PRISM or CVISN-related issues, and the potential for more widespread deployment of this type of screening system. In addition, the evaluation also included a side-by-side comparison of the two automated license plate reader (ALPR) systems.

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